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        Grand Eastern (GED) is a business group managing forestry and wood product investment. Its core businesses cover wood fiber and product trading, manufacturing and related investment projects. GED has its subsidiary companies and joint venture company to meet needs of different business functions, involving various key points of the whole industrial chain such as global fiber supply purchasing, raw material supplying in China, distribution network building and end products manufacturing.

        The jobs that GED is providing are challenging but rewarding. GED is looking for best calibers who are with high level of professionalism, self-motivated and competent. While helping the clients, GED provides excellent opportunity for employees to learn, perform and demonstrate values.

          Sourcing Specialist(1人)   Financial Manager(2人)
          工業園總經理(1人)   Product Manager(1人)
          木材銷售代表(南京/山東/天津/北京/江西/西安)(若干)   木材銷售代表(南京/山東/天津/北京/江西/西安)(若干)
          木材銷售代表(華北地區)(2人)   木材銷售代表(華南地區)(2人)
          木材銷售代表(華西地區)(若干)   林木產品經理(1人)
          林木產品經理(1人)   林業工程師(3人)
          Project Manager (項目經理)(3人)
        聯 系 人: Bonnic Tan
        聯系地址: 廣州天河林和西路9號耀中廣場A座2701
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